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Timber Sale Administration and Timber Marketing

If the logger buying your trees knows what they're worth, you should too. Central Illinois Forestry will tally your timber, provide an estimated value of timber for sale, and then aggressively market that timber to multiple buyers across the state and region.



A timber harvest should improve your woods, yet all too often we see harvesting destroy the woods. Central Illinois Forestry will delicately select the appropriate trees to harvest, while taking into consideration aesthetic impact, future health of the forest, and conditions necessary for the next stand of desirable species to regenerate. We utilize a "worst-first" selection approach that removes your damaged and mature timber to favor the most vigorous trees and retain a stand of ideal species composition.



Upon request, we can map your timber marked for removal. This means that timber buyers can more easily cruise your timber, while we can retain accountability at a much finer level. See example timber prospectus.


We will also utilize our spatial dataset of timber buyers to ensure that your timber is aggressively marketed to all possible buyers.


We will walk you through the bidding and contracting process, and then plan and monitor the harvest as it is implemented. Don't let decades of growth and hard work go to waste with a poorly planned timber harvest!