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Forest Management Plans


A written forest management plan provides suggested management practices for a 10-year period. We specifically tailor your forest management plan to your goals and ideas for the property, the best science, and local conditions like timber markets. You will find out how much your timber is worth and what you can do to improve its many financial and non-financial values.


Bob Wagoner assessing a private forest property for inclusion in the Illinois Forest Development Program

To receive the best property tax rates via the Illinois Forestry Development Program and Indiana Classified Forests and Wildlands Program, you must have a current forest management plan certified through the state.



Central Illinois Forestry can help you apply for cost-share incentives available to complete this practice.





The steps include:

1. An in-depth discussion of your goals for the property

2. A walk or ATV ride around your property to assess the forest resource and explore management options

3. An inventory of each of your forest stands to estimate volume and value

4. A review of the written plan in-person or over the phone

5. Continued consultation as you decide to implement different parts of your plan