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Forest Management Plans


A written forest management plan provides suggested management practices for a 10-year period. We specifically tailor your forest management plan to your goals and ideas for the property, the best science, and local conditions like timber markets. You will find out how much your timber is worth and what you can do to improve its many financial and non-financial values.


Bob Wagoner assessing a private forest property for inclusion in the Illinois Forest Development Program

To receive the best property tax rates via the Illinois Forestry Development Program and Indiana Classified Forests and Wildlands Program, you must have a current forest management plan certified through the state.



Central Illinois Forestry can help you apply for cost-share incentives available to complete this practice.





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Timber Sale Administration and Timber Marketing

If the logger buying your trees knows what they're worth, you should too. Central Illinois Forestry will tally your timber, provide an estimated value of timber for sale, and then aggressively market that timber to multiple buyers across the state and region.



A timber harvest should improve your woods, yet all too often we see harvesting destroy the woods. Central Illinois Forestry will delicately select the appropriate trees to harvest, while taking into consideration aesthetic impact, future health of the forest, and conditions necessary for the next stand of desirable species to regenerate. We utilize a "worst-first" selection approach that removes your damaged and mature timber to favor the most vigorous trees and retain a stand of ideal species composition.



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Timber Stand Improvement


Timber stand improvement will improve the growth and species composition of your forest. Central Illinois Forestry will thin the junk trees in order to promote the growth or regeneration of desirable species and check the growth of weedy invaders. A key part of most forestry success stories is a commitment to timber stand improvement.


100 2504-3Central Illinois Forestry can complete the entire job, mark the trees for you to remove yourself, or let you complete the entire job. We can do a heavy timber stand improvement or just a light touch-up. Any little bit helps.


Central Illinois Forestry can help you apply for cost-share incentives available to complete this practice.



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Tree Planting

Oak seedlings planted in central Illinois Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) planting in the Kaskaskia River watershed
Central Illinois Forestry is equipped to meet all your tree planting needs. Whether you're restoring several acres of frequently flooded crop ground to a tree plantation or planting a few oak seedlings in the understory of your forest, we are able to get them in the ground and control the weeds to keep them alive.


Central Illinois Forestry can help you apply for cost-share incentives available to complete this practice.



Invasive Species Eradication

Oriental bittersweet consuming this forest in Crawford County, Illinois

Invasive species native to other continents dominate many of our woodlands. They have no pests or plant competitors Illinois, and they grow accordingly. They make our woods impassable, smother our trees, and shade out rare native plants. 


We provide invasive species expertise  for acreages large and small, on invasive plants thorny, viney, bushy, and seedy. 


Central Illinois Forestry can help you apply for cost-share incentives available to complete this practice.



Forest Inventory and Timber Appraisals


A forest inventory and timber appraisal is a critical step that few beginning forest landowners take. If you've recently acquired a property through inheritance or purchase, getting a timber inventory will likely save you thousands of dollars in income taxes. We can also "grow the forest backwards" if you've purchased the property in the last several years.


An inventory and appraisal come complete in a forest management plan.



Casualty Loss and Timber Theft Appraisals & Expert Testimony

Casualty losses to natural events such as tornadoes, floods, and ice are unfortunately common in forest management. Appraising the extent of damages can have significant tax advantages.


Likewise, timber theft is unfortunately common. An expert appraisal and possible testimony from a forester will likely be necessary to reclaim damages from a timber theft occurrence. Additionally, timber value lost to theft may be tax deductible.



Wildlife Habitat Improvement

A number of wildlife habitat improvement practices can be implemented to improve the mix of habitat across your property.


White-tailed deer sprint across property under forest management
Wildlife clearings
, especially on heavily forested properties, improve the mix of habitat to attract deer, turkey, and a number of other species.


"Edge-feathering" can create abundant small game habitat along field edges.


Timber stand improvement and sustainable timber harvesting increase both food sources and cover sources for a number of game and non-game species.


Central Illinois Forestry can help you apply for cost-share incentives available to complete this practice.


Boundary Line Maintenance

Boundary line of central Illinois woodland property
Thanks in large part to our friends at the Illinois Forestry Association, Illinois has a Purple Paint Law. That means a splash of purple paint every 100 feet will serve to post your property against trespassing. Central Illinois Forestry will keep your boundaries marked to Purple Paint Law specifications or other specifications. Couple these services with a forest management plan, inventory, timber stand improvement, wildlife habitat improvement, or other practice implementation!


***We are not surveyors, but we can maintain and improve existing boundary markers.***


Other Services

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  • American Tree Farm Certification