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Consulting Foresters in Illinois

Ten Reasons to Consult a Forester 


Bob Wagoner cruises a Clark County property five years after a commercial timber improvement harvest

1. Save on Property Taxes.

Thanks to the Illinois Forestry Development Program and the Indiana Classified Forests and Wildlands Program, there's a good chance a forest management plan can save you $1,000 per year in property taxes. That could add up to $10,000 or more over the life of the plan! 


2. Sustainable.

Growing sustainable, renewable, and local forest products replaces less sustainable goods in the marketplace. This is one case where doing the right thing pays money.



3. Sell Your Timber for More.

If a logger knows what your trees are worth and you're not sure what they might sell for, who's going to get the better deal? When a forester tallies and markets your timber, you can expect 25% to 250% more for your timber, says University of Illinois Extension Forester Jay Hayek.

4. More Wildlife. 

What's good for your trees is usually good for the critters too. Ask how you can improve your woods for your favorite species.


5. Get Paid to Improve Your Woods.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service will reimburse up to 100% of eligible expenses - just for you to improve your woods. Think about all the tree planting, invasive species clearing, erosion control and wildlife habitat improvements you can get done. NRCS will also fund a forest management plan that will....(remember Reason #1?)...save you taxes!


Illinois Black Walnut Veneer

6. Leave a Legacy. 

A forester will help you improve growth rates and will help you nurture an improved mix of desirable species. That means more harvests, more financial returns, and more left for your children and grandchildren when the sun sets.

7. Save on Income Taxes. 

Inventorying your woods or "establishing your basis" when you buy or inherit a forested property can save you several thousand dollars in income taxes.


8. Keep Your Woods Looking Good.

 A consulting forester is paid to independently represent your interests. Not the sawmill's interests. Not the timber buyer's interests. Not your neighbors' interests. A consulting forester understands you want your woods to look great every day of the year.

Two woodland owners enjoying a morning hike

9. Peace of Mind. 

If you're a woodland owner, you know the feeling already. Ah.

10. Your Goals, Your Plan. 

Forestry is adaptive. We understand how to manage to your goals and your ideas for the property. You decide what you want to get done. We suggest how you can get the job done.